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Roller Rockers
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Roller Lifters
New Heavier Springs
Longer Hardened Pushrods
Larger Stainless Steel Valves
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3.8 4 barrel intake 82-98
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Stud Girdle
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Valve Cover Support Rails

Valve Cover Support Rails

Valve Cover Support Rails
Application: Fits ANY 2.9L stock original valve covers

To solve the squashing/leaking problems that the 2.9L valve covers are known for when you clamp them down ...we now offer an anodized support rail which  provides even pressure around the entire valve cover, so that when you bolt them'll get an even much better seal, prevent leakage and horse power loss.
PRICE: $80.00

1.8:1 Roller Rockers

1.8:1 Roller Rockers

1.8:1 Roller Rockers
Application: 2.9 L V6 FORD  engines

Finally....roller rockers for the 2.9L enthusiasts!

Our roller rockers are available in bolt-on/adjustable, or for ultimate racing...with screw in studs & guide plates.

What makes these roller rockers unique is the exclusive Morana designed lifters.

If you're intending on doing head work (or rebuilding your engine) the Morana exclusively designed lifters are the better choice, to keep the rockers lubricated, by channeling the oil through the push rod, to the rockers.

Your original rockers are 1.5:1 ratio, plus they are not roller. By installing 1.8:1 roller'll be gaining over 80 thou lift, at the valve (not changing the duration at all) which will increase the air flow ratio coming into the engine (much as a cam does) but without the added expensive of upgrading your camshaft, upgrading your chip, and costly shop rates, as many can install these themselves.

(1) Your lower intake gasket needs to be cut on the line where the pushrods go by, in order for them to clear.
(2) Your intake manifold needs to be ground (by the intake runners) for the pushrods to clear.

This kit includes- 12 roller rockers, pedestal &, bolts, 2 rocker mounting bars with hardware, 12 hardened Morana pushrods, 12 special Morana lifters.

**Also available 1.5:1 1.6:1  1.7:1 roller rockers

You can expect 20 hp. and 28 lbs. torque

Introductory price: $800.
PRICE: $800.00
Instructions: Bill Nelson pic 1.JPG (1.6 Mb)

Morana Box Intake

Morana Box Intake

Morana Box Intake
Application: 2.9 V6 Ford Rangers, Bronco 2, Scorpio

Good for NA, turbo or supercharged engines. A larger mass air is required (also available)

Over 20 h.p.

This new Morana exclusive is an easy bolt-on, with all the necessary hardware and instructions

This intake equalizes the intake volume runners.

Has a larger reservoir box, which helps with low end torques

This intake includes a much larger than stock twin throttle body, giving you more air and horse

PRICE: $850.00
Instructions: DSCF2064.JPG (45.1 Kb)

Performance Product List

Performance Product List

Performance Product List
Application: 2.9 V6 FORD

Products below are now available!!
More info. and pricing to be posted shortly-in the meantime, you may use 4L products list, as they'll have similar pricing.

ported heads
larger stock replacement valves
heavy duty valve springs/retainers
stock replacement gaskets
ARP head studs
forged pistons
high performance piston rings
heavy duty connecting rods
solid lifter camshafts
hydraulic lifter camshaft
performance lifters (hydraulic & solid)
ported lower intakes
ARP main studs
Main Cap Stud Girdle

SPECIAL order only-
3.5 Stroker kit  

A Stroker Kit is forged replacement engine components (forged piston, forged connecting rods, performance piston rings, bearings, and Stroker crankshaft), which is much stronger than stock internals, and a good solid foundation, for those who intend on using boost e.g. Nos, turbo charging or supercharging, or N/A  

This Stroker Kit will take you from 2.9-3.5 and 50 H.P. gains!!!

$2,975. US.

3.5 Stroker Short Block consists of- engine block (bored/honed) forged pistons, performance rings, forged connecting rods,ARP main studs,performance crankshaft, bearings, performance camshaft,timing chain, balanced & assembled-
$4,000. US.

coming soon!
main cap stud girdle

from $50.00-$2,500.
US. Funds



Stage #1:

Heads are total rebuilt (with all hardware installed incl. 3 angle valve job) plus match ported and lightly polished around the intake/exhaust ports. $700.00 US.


ported, bowl work, 3 angle valve job: $900.00 US.


ported, bowl work, polished, 3 angle valve job
(best for everyday use)$1,250.00 US.

new replacement valves and springs (add $200)

*ADD* $250 core charge for each stage of heads

Also available brand new heavy duty after market replacement heads, complete.
$850. Porting and larger valves available (see head stages and prices above).

Main Cap Stud Girdle

Main Cap Stud Girdle

Main Cap Stud Girdle
Application: 2.9 V6 Ford Ranger Trucks and Scorpio

Our exclusive Main Stud Girdle is made of high strength steel.

This Main Girdle strengthens the bottom- end by tying the 4 main caps together. Even stronger than a 4 bolt main!

ARP Main Studs must be used with this product, to ensure and secure the bottom end.

Includes 8 spacers

US. fund

PRICE: $240.00
Instructions: stud girdle 2.9 025.jpg (69.9 Kb)

Solid Roller Camshaft

Solid Roller Camshaft

Solid Roller Camshaft
Available from 500-700 lift
PRICE: $500.00

ARP Main Studs

ARP Main Studs

ARP Main Studs
Application:2.9 V6 Ford Rangers, Scorpio

ARP Main Studs are to be used with our 2.9 Main Cap Stud Girdle, to secure the bottom end.

US. funds

PRICE: $230.00

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs
2.9L V6 Head Studs
Genuine ARP Head Stud Kit
Application: 2.9L V6 Ford OHV engines

Our best quality fasteners are re-usable!

US. funds

PRICE: $350.00

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs
Application: 2.9 V6 engines with Cosworth Heads

*Also fits 2.6 and 2.8 engines

US. funds
PRICE: $400.00

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